LAW 421 Assignment, Discussion, Final Exam


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LAW 421 Week 1 Assignment, The Role and Functions of Law

LAW 421 Week 2 Assignment, Business Torts and Ethics Paper

LAW421 Week 2 Assignment, Business Torts and Ethics Presentation

LAW421 Week 2 Discussion Question

LAW 421 Week 3 Assignment, Contract Law Drafting Exercise

LAW421 Week 3 Discussion Question

LAW_421 Week 4 Assignment, Regulatory Agencies and SOX Presentation

LAW421 Week 4 Assignment, Sarbanes-Oxley Act Paper

LAW421 Week 4 Discussion Question

LAW_421 Week 5 Assignment, Employment Law Case Brief & Presentation

LAW421 Week 5 Discussion Question

LAW421 Final Exam (30 Questions and Answers)law 421 entire course