LAS 432 Tech, Society and Culture Week 1 to 8


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LAS 432 Week 1 Thesis Statement

LAS432 Week 1 Discussion,  The Role of a Thesis

LAS432 Week 1 Discussion 2, Science and Technology

LAS 432 Week 2 Course Project, Resource Review, Robotic Surgery

LAS432 Week 2 Discussion, Historical Impact

LAS432 Week 3 Historical Timeline & Predecessor Assessment Draft

LAS_432 Week 3 Discussion, Considering the Fourth Amendment

LAS432 Week 4 Course Project, Impact Analysis Draft

LAS432 Week 4 Discussion, Globalization and the Threat to the Environment

LAS_432 Week 5 Course Project, Ethical Implications

LAS432 Week 5 Discussion, Technology Morality and Ethics

LAS432 Week 6 Discussion, Technology and Modern Culture

LAS_432 Week 6 Peer Evaluation Assessment

LAS432 Week 6 Peer Evaluation Powerpoint

LAS432 Week 7 Final Project, The Emerging Technology of Robotic Surgery

LAS 432 Week 8 Career Service Activitylas 432 entire course