HSM 544 Health Policy and Economics Week 1 to 7


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HSM 544 Week 1 Discussion 1, Factors Influencing Healthcare Demand

HSM544 Week 1 Discussion 2, Three Major Tasks of Economics

HSM544 Week 2 Discussion 1, Production Function Analysis

HSM_544 Week 2 Discussion 2, Financing Healthcare

HSM544 Week 2 Outline for Week 7, Legal and Ethical Impacts That Manage Care Practices

HSM544 Week 3 Article Review, Medicaid and Medicare

HSM_544 Week 3 Discussion 1, Managed Care Concept

HSM544 Week 3 Discussion 2, Redistribution and Social Insurance

HSM544 Week 4 Discussion 1, Public Health Insurance

HSM_544 Week 4 Discussion 2, The Role of Nonprofits in Healthcare

HSM544 Week 5 Case Study Assignment

HSM544 Week 5 Discussion 1, Human Capital and Policy

HSM_544 Week 5 Discussion 2, Impact of Health Policy

HSM 544 Week 6 Article Review, The Intervention of the Government in the Healthcare Market

HSM544 Week 6 Discussion 1, Healthcare Coverage (Multimedia)

HSM544 Week 6 Discussion 2, Political Issues to National Health

HSM_544 Week 6 Legal and Ethical Impacts That Manage Care Practices have on Quality Access to Patient

HSM544 Week 7 Discussion 1, National Healthcare in The United States

HSM544 Week 7 Discussion 2, National Systems of Healthcare


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