HSA 500 Assignment 3, Health Care Costs


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HSA 500 Assignment 3, Health Care Costs

Mostly thought of as the best healthcare system in the world, U.S. Health Care System is featured by a combination of public and private money/giving money (to) and provision. Every human being in this world is entitled to a basic minimum of health care. The poor section of the (community of people/all good people in the world) that is not able to earn enough to pay for their medical issues must be given basic medical services for free. Medicare and Medicaid is the program that secures/makes sure of this equal and minimum put into operation of health care services. Medicare is health insurance for; People 65 or older, People under 65 with certain disabilities and People of any age with End-Stage Kidney-related Disease (ESRD) (permanent (organ that creates urine) failure needing/ordering medical treatment or an (organ that creates urine) transplant). Medicaid is a medical exposure (easy to get to, use, or understand) to definite population and family units…………

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