HRM 599 Final Exam


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HRM 599 Week 8 Final Exam Study Guide

Question 1: (TCO A) Many employees feel as though they are entitled to both legally mandated and discretionary benefits. How would you break down the origins of employee benefits in the United States to an employee with this type of attitude?

Question 2: (TCO B) Differentiate between and discuss the types of disabilities recognized under workers’ compensation laws.

Question 3:  (TCO C) Your organization’s CEO is considering implementing a life insurance policy for employees and needs your advice. Briefly discuss the two types of life insurance policies offered in the United States and the major differences between the two. Make a recommendation for your CEO as to which plan would be best for your organization and why.

Question 4:  (TCO D) Discuss and compare multiple-payer versus single-payer systems in the United States.

Question 5: (TCO E) Your organization is considering offering a flexible benefit plan but has been advised that it could create a higher risk for adverse selection. Discuss the issue of adverse selection, and provide an example of how it occurs. Discuss three approaches you might use to reduce the risk of adverse selection in a cafeteria plan.

Question 6:  (TCO F) You have recently been hired as an employee benefit consultant and have been asked to recommend the establishment of either a defined contribution or a defined benefit plan. Given the following employer objectives, which type of plan would you recommend? Specify the type of retirement plan you would recommend. Explain how your recommendation would handle the employer’s objectives.

Question 7:  (TCO G) Discuss the concept of good business sense of benefits communication and the primary objectives of an organization’s benefits communication program.

Question 8:  (TCO H) What are the basic characteristics of flexible scheduling and personal leave?