HRM 530 Final Exam 2


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HRM 530 Final Exam

TCO A: Explain how you would introduce the concept of technology into an HRM office? What factual information would you share to convince the business leaders of the value of HRM technology? Provide a thorough explanation.

TCO B: Explain how HRM technology can improve efficiency and effectiveness of HRM functions. How, specifically, can technology support the business. Provide an example.

TCO C: You are the new staffing manager for Square, Inc., a large and still growing company with 23 locations nationwide. Square Inc. hires approximately 300 employees per year. They currently place advertisements in their local paper to source candidates. They also receive an estimated 2,000 unsolicited resumes annually, but usually find it too time consuming to review them all. Currently, Square Inc. does not utilize technology in their staffing processes. Assess the given situation at Square, Inc. and recommend specific ways that Square, Inc. could utilize HRM technology to improve the effectiveness of their staffing function. In your recommendations, be sure to address any potential problems that might arise from the use of each technology you are recommending, and provide solutions for those problems.

TCO D: You’ve heard the cliché, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” When, why and how would you re-engineer business processes, specifically HRM? Explain and assess the process you would follow in responding to each of these components (when, why and how).

TCO H: What are some types of software that can help us protect employee information? How does this software interact with our current HRM technology? Explain from a conceptual standpoint vs. technical standpoint.

TCO E: You’re new to the HRM office and have been asked to research technology storage of information. What information would you want to collect, store, and assess related to employees? Explain. How might you strategically use that information towards benefiting business operations?

TCO F: How has employee self-service impacted employees? Thoroughly analyze positive and negative aspects of this new technology. There are many pros and cons to any change in process, or implementation of a new system, but overall I’d say that self-service has impacted employees in a positive manner.

TCO G: What is an RFP and how does it link to HRM technology? What value do RFPs bring to the business as well as vendors? Review one alternative to using an RFP.hrm 530 final exam