HCA 530 Topic 7 Assignment, Discussion Question 1 and 2 – Complete


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hca 530 topic 7

HCA 530 Topic 7 Assignment, Supply and Production Cost

HCA530 Week 7 Discussion Question 1

Which of the following types of costs would be the most challenging for a clinical department versus a nonclinical department: total cost, fixed cost, variable cost, average total cost, or marginal cost? Explain your reasoning.

HCA 530 Topic 7 Discussion Question 2

In the healthcare, the position of the long-run average cost curve is ……by a set of circumstances that includes the price of all inputs, quality, and patient case mix. Provide an example of a change that will cause the long-run average cost curve to shift down. Justify the validity of the example. In your response to peers, discuss whether you agree or disagree with the examples provided by your peers.hca 530 topic 7


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