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FIN 100 Week 3 Quiz Chapter 1, 4 and 5 (Questions and Answers)

  1. An effective financial system needs which of the following
  2. Crucial elements of well-developed financial systems include all of the following except:
  3. _______________ is the study of how individuals prepare for financial emergencies, protect against premature death and the loss of property, and accumulate wealth over time
  4. Intermediaries that help the financial system operate efficiently and transfer funds from savers and investors to individuals, businesses, and governments that seek to spend or invest the funds are ….as:
  5. The primary goal of the financial manager of a profit-seeking organization is to fin 100 week 3 quiz
  6.  Maximizing _____________________ is …..through effective financial planning and analysis, asset management, and the acquisition of financial capital
  7. Economists use a ___________________ framework to explain how the prices and quantities of goods and services are ……in a free-market economic system.
  8. Open market operations
  9. When the Federal Reserve System was created, it was thought that its most important influence over monetary conditions would be
  10. Under the authority of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913
  11. The capital stock of each Federal Reserve Bank
  12. Under the authority of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913
  13. The least used monetary policy instrument used by the Fed is
  14. Under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the number of Federal Reserve districts established is
  15. Currently, the backing for Federal Reserve’s notes is primarily in the form of
  16. Bank reserves are not affected by
  17. Price inflation
  18. The U.S. Treasury is primarily responsible for
  19. When the United States Treasury makes a payment to an individual, it usually takes the form of a fin 100 week 3 quiz
  20. Assume that a banking system must keep reserves of 20% against deposits. The bank receives a primary deposit of $20,000. What would be the maximum amount of loan that could be made by the system?
FIN 100 Week 3 Quizfin 100 week 3 quiz