FIN 100 Week 11 Quiz


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FIN 100 Week 11 Quiz Chapter 15, 16, 17

  1. In general, the more net working capital a company has
  2. ___________ are short-term money market investments that are extremely safe and liquid; they can be quickly …..into cash at values very close to their intrinsic values.
  3. A firm’s excess cash balance during a particular month could be best deployed if it were
  4. One way a firm can reduce the amount of cash it needs in any one month is to
  5. Working capital does not include
  6. The time between when the firm pays its suppliers and when it collects money from its customers is known as the:
  7. What is the most important overall source of short-term business financing both in the U.S. and worldwide?
  8. The largest providers of short-term financing are:
  9. A business that needs short-term credit in excess of its regular line of bank credit may:
  10. Bank loans on which interest is ….. front in advance are ……..
  11. The purchaser may deduct 2% from the purchase price if payment is …..within 10 days; but if not paid within 10 days, the net amount of the purchase is due within 30 days. The sale is …..on what terms?
  12. In general, a firm that secures a bank line of credit pays interest on:
  13. The ________ is the discount rate that equates the present value of the cash inflows with the initial investment
  14. The first step in the capital budgeting process is fin 100 week 11 quiz
  15. Which one of the following best explains the impact on a firm that accepts a project with a negative NPV?
  16. Your company owns land in a busy shopping district. If the chair of the company’s board of directors thinks they can build a plant on that land and that the land will incur no additional cost, the chair fails to take into account
  17. Flotation costs include fin 100 week 11 quiz
  18. Of the components shown below, which is least likely to be of value in calculating the cost of preferred stock?
  19. The degree of financial leverage measures the sensitivity of __________ to changes in __________.
  20. A firm’s business risk is measured by the variability in which one of the following over time:fin 100 week 11 quiz