FIN 100 Week 10 Homework, Stock Journal Entry


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FIN 100 Week 10 Homework: Assume that two gas stations are for sale with the following cash flows; CF1 is the Cash Flow in the first year, and CF2 is the Cash Flow in the second year. This is the time line and data used in calculating the Payback Period, Net Present Value, and Internal Rate of Return. The calculations are ….for you. Your task is to select the best project and explain your decision. The methods are presented and the decision each indicates is ….below.

InvestmentSales PriceCF1CF2
Gas Station A$50,000$0$100,000
Gas Station B$50,000$50,000$25,000

FIN 100 Week 10 Stock Journal

The current price of the stock is recorded for 3 companies that are selected in Week 3 stock journal. The comparison table is ….below that compares the stock price of 3 companies for Week 3, Week 8 and Week 10.

Provide your final opinion / assessment of your investments. 

Discuss what you learned from this assignment