FIN 100 Week 10 Assignment, Career in Finance


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FIN 100 Week 10 Assignment, Career in Finance

Financial management is the second recommendable career for a person with a financial education background.  Financial-management career builds financial managers whose position plays a significant role in the growth of a company.  Financial managers perform complex roles that require a deep understanding and specialized knowledge on the company’s business functions.  Financial managers play the role of advising the senior managers on how they can maximize their profits (Shiller, 2013). They conduct data analysis first to come up with the most appropriate way thus adding value to the company.

Again, the financial manager gives estimates of the amount of capital that a company requires to perform its businesses. Any company requires funds to perform its business functions, purchase the fixed assets, and modernize and expand its businesses. Therefore, it is the work of the financial manager to give estimates of the funds required both in short-term…………….. fin 100 week 10 assignment