EDU 656 Week 1 Assignment, Just in Time Approach, Critical Thinking


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EDU 656 Week 1 Assignment, Critical Thinking Questions

What is the value of e-learning in JIT training/learning?

What is the value of the JIT approach when it comes to training/learning, in general?

What does the textbook say about the Pitfalls of E-Learning?

How do these compare with the “issues to be resolved” in JIT learning that are identified in the article?

According to the textbook, what are five questions that must be considered when reading research studies on learning?

Explain why it is important to base decisions on good research when it comes to designing

EDU 656 Week 1 Assignment, Just in Time Approach

JIT training can be valuable in a 21st Century classroom environment be it is online or in a brick and mortar classroom setting. Because JIT learning techniques supports the idea that learning should take place as students need the information, this maintains their interest in the lesson and it is believed that their retention rates will be higher.This concept of using JIT can be applied to many different situations addressing the diversity and ability of each student…….