EDU 655 Week 5 Assignment 1 and 2, Journal


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EDU 655 Week 5 Assignment 1, Personalized Learning

The Personalized Learning Self-Assessment (PLSA) tool assists schools in identifying strengths within the school and district that will support successful PLSA implementation, as well as challenges and weaknesses that need to be addressed prior to the implementation. This self-assessment should be taken as a joint effort by school leadership team members and preliminary PLSA implementation team members as the first step in carry out a PLSA program. This will…………….

EDU 655 Week 5 Assignment 2, Critical Thinking Questions Chapters 17, 21 and 23

Chapter 17 – Informal Learning 

Chapter 21 – Instructional Designers and P-12 Technology Integration

Chapter 23 – Developing Learning to Meet Complex Challenges for an Undivided World

EDU 655 Week 5 Journal, Learning Reflections