EDU 655 Week 2 Assignment 2, Critical Thinking


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EDU 655 Week 2 Assignment 2, Critical Thinking Chapter 4, 5 and 6

  1. B. F. Skinner believed that learning could be understood, explained, and predicted entirely on the basis of observable events.  What evidence, including any personal experiences, do you have to support or refute Skinner’s theory?
  2. What about your learning experiences in this course thus can be explained by the Information Processing Theory perspective and the Constructivism perspective?
  3. What do Reiser and Dempsey (2012) say about the importance of authentic activities? What has been your experience with authentic activities in your formal educational experiences?
  4. Considering the potential risks and benefits of employing Constructivist educational theory in the development of a course, what are some of the key ways you would mitigate the risks and maximize the benefits?
  5. How has the technological revolution impacted the cognitive revolution? What is an example from your own learning experiences that can illustrate which revolution has had a larger impact on education?
  6. Do you think that research on thinking, processes or environment has had the most impact on the evolution of instructional design? Explain.