EDU 655 Week 1 Assignment, Critical Thinking


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EDU 655 Week 1 Assignment, Critical Thinking Chapter 1,2 and 3

Question 1:  In addition to the difficulty of describing to your friends and family what instructional technology designers actually do, what other challenges might arise from not having an industry standard, agreed-upon terminology for labeling or describing what Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) is?

Question 2:  What may account for the differences in the two definitions of Instructional Design in 1970?

Question 1:  What experience have you have in learning that illustrates how the nine characteristics used to describe the systems concept interplay with one another?

Question 2: How does adopting a “student-centered” approach to instructional design represent a powerful paradigm shift from the “teacher-centered” approach that has historically dominated instruction?

Question 1: What experiences have you had that support the traditional role of instructional media and teachers that the broad educational community has held for the past 100 years and/or the viewpoints of some professionals in IDT?

Question 2: What do you think the authors of Visualizing the Curriculum (1937) meant when they stated that the value of audiovisual material was a function of their degree of realism and what may have contributed to the significance of the book in the that era?