ECON 545 Week 3 Discussion Question 1 and 2


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ECON 545 Week 3 DQ 1, Oligopoly and Game Theory

Read the Making the Connection short case titled With Price Collusion, More is Not Merrier in Chapter 14 of our textbook, and also be sure to watch the video right under the Making the Connection title (maybe a few times). Then post your first posting this week beginning to discuss what you’ve read and watched in the video. Then work on Problems and Applications 2.15, at the end of chapter 14, answering and discussing the questions in that exercise.

ECON 545 Week 3 DQ 2, Antitrust and Market Power

Review and chose a firm of your choice or one provided by your instructor. Is this firm a monopoly? In what ways could it be considered a monopoly? What markets are involved? What antitrust legislation would apply? Is antitrust legislation fair to your chosen firm? Why or why not?