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CRJ 311 Week 5

CRJ 311 Week 5 Assignment, Crime Scene Evidence Analysis Report

CRJ311 Week 5 Discussion 2, DNA Evidence

Detail how DNA is used in criminal investigations today. What is the current impact of DNA testing on the criminal justice system, and how has DNA revolutionized this system?
For students whose last name ends with A-L, include one case study of how DNA exonerated a person previously convicted of a crime and identify those areas you have discussed above.
For students whose last name ends with M-Z, include one case study of how DNA has helped convict a guilty person of a crime and identify those areas you have discussed above.

CRJ_311 Week 5 Discussion 1, Blood Patterns

Read “An Illustrative Homicide Case Involving Blood Patterns” in your text, and review the included photos of evidence.

Looking at the bloodstain patterns on the husband’s clothing, and considering what you have learned about bloodstain patterns, are the patterns consistent with his story? If you do not think they are, why not? If your opinion is one that believes they add credibility to his story, document your reasoning based on the evidence. Based on the blood pattern evidence shown in the photos, provide your interpretation as to what might have happened in this case.

CRJ311 Week 5 Journal, Cold Case Investigation

You have all heard of cold case investigative units and what they do. You are now a member of your local cold case unit. As they are responsible for reviewing an old, unsolved case. You will be required to review the facts and evidence associated with the case to specifically see if there is some sort of forensic technology that was not available at the time, which you now have at your disposal. If you were the one looking into an old case. What would you be looking for that DNA profiling could be helpful with? Reflect on how you might feel as the family member of a loved one. Whose case has been unsolved for many years but now has hope for closure.

CRJ 311 Week 5 Quiz (Question and Answers)


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