CRJ 100 Week 10 Assignment 3, Probation and Punishment


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CRJ 100 Week 10 Assignment, Probation and Punishment

Kris is a young man who is only 25 years old, he has been accused of purposely walking out of a clothing store without paying for an expensive leather jacket that costs $600. He was charged with theft upon being stopped by the store manager that he had attempted to run from. After being caught Kris was turned over to the Jurisville Police Department. He was not able to post his bail which caused him to serve sixty days in jail while he awaited sentencing for pleading guilty in the theft case. The sentence of one year in prison was later suspended based on details involved in the case. Kris has been ordered probation as a means of reconciling the situation where he has to report back to the court after three months with his probation officer………..