COM 340 Week 5 Final Paper, Planning Proposal


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COM 340 Week 5 Final Paper, Planning Proposal Outline (Graduation Review Process)

Working in this area alone could have an impact on Ashford’s attrition rates. Attrition rates for colleges and universities are discouragingly high; and unfortunately, Ashford ranks near the bottom compared to other campuses with high online education attendance. In evaluating comparable institutions, the retention rate for Kaplan University is 70%, St. John’s is 78%, UMASS (Univ. of Mass.) – Lowell is 81% while Ashford’s is 41% (National Center of Educational Statistics, 2010). These figures alone show that improvements must be made at

Discussion 1, Course Summary

Over the past five weeks, we have covered many subjects related to technical writing. If someone asked you to prepare a written summary of this five-week course, what would you write? Summaries are often written to make long documents quickly understandable. However, as our text explains, we often have to write summaries to report on meetings, conferences, projects, or programs.