COM 340 Week 4 Process Mechanism Description, Discussion


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COM 340 Week 4 Assignment, Process Mechanism Description  (Morning Shot of Coffee)

The last step to enjoying your morning shot of coffee is flipping the power switch to on. The Coffee Master 3500 has a programmed setting that will automatically shut your unit off in 2 hours. So no worries if you happen to leave without turning it off……..

COM 340 Assignment, Process Mechanism Description ( How to Comb your Long Hair)

Many people preferred to look and have a long hair but maintenance could be a problem when it comes to combing.  Some people have worse problem when they both thick and long hair. They have more problems in removing the knots and keep the hair untangled. The key is not just to comb the surface or top layer of the hair but to comb through until all the layers have been combed……………

Discussion 1, Using Visual Images

Search the Internet and find examples of each of the following:

  • a graph
  • a chart
  • a graphic

Study the three examples you found and compare each one to the guidelines for using that type of visual, the guidelines for incorporating color, and the guidelines for fitting visuals with text and usability of visuals found in Chapter 12 of the text. In your post, briefly describe each visual and discuss how well the visual conforms to the guidelines. Be sure to cite the source of each visual in your post.

Discussion 2, Effective Page Design

Find an example of effective page design and an ineffective page design in a magazine or on the Web. In your post, describe each page design and why it is effective or ineffective. Be specific in your evaluation. With the ineffective page design, make specific recommendations for improvement. Be sure to cite the source of each example you choose.