COM 200 Interpersonal Communication




COM 200 Interpersonal Communication Week 1 to 5

COM 200 Week 1

Assignment, Communication Competency and Miscommunication

Assignment, The Basic Principles of Effective Communications

Discussion 1, The Self and Communication

Training and Quiz

Week 2

Assignment, Short Answers

Discussion 1, Everyone has a Culture

Discussion 2, Gender and Communication

Quiz (20 Questions and Answers)

Week 3

Assignment, Overcoming communication

Assignment, Final Paper Draft

Discussion 1, Communication Apprehension

Discussion 2, Self Disclosure

Week 4

Assignment, Interpersonal Conflicts in Television

Discussion 1, Empathy

Discussion 2, Willingness to Listen

Week 4 Quiz

Week 5

Final Paper, Letter of Advice

Discussion 1, Relationship Disengagement

Discussion 2, Communication Skills

Week 5 Training and Quiz