CIS 558 Week 8 Assessment Quiz Answers, Discussion


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CIS 558 Week 8 Assessment 8 – Quiz Chapter 8 – System Implementation and Operations

  1. Which of the following is an agreement between two companies to provide computer time and facility space to each other in the event of an emergency?
  2. Which-of the following Acts of information security governance affects financial institutions?
  3. Which of the following identifies threats that can impact continuity of operations?
  4. Which-of the following IT management methodologies utilizes knowledge, tools, and techniques to reach the goals of the project?
  5. Which of the following recovery methods is often an acceptable solution for preparing for recovery of noncritical systems and data?
  6. Which-of the following functions can be ….for an extended period of time at little or no cost to the company
  7. Which of the following recovery methods is similar to a hot site facility, with the exception that it is …., and self-developed recovery facility?
  8. The backup system that stores only those files that have been changed since the last backup is known as ______.

CIS 558 Week 8 Discussion, Effective Disaster Recovery Plans

Disaster recovery planning is essential for a business to survive when unexpected events impact daily operations. Determine the areas of disaster recovery planning and preparedness you believe organizations are often lacking. Provide a rationale for your response.cis 558 week 8