CIS 558 Week 6 Assignment 2, Assessment 6, Discussion – Complete


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CIS 558 Week 6 Assignment 2, Software Engineering CMMI and ITIL Paper 1

CIS558 Week 6 Assignment 2, Software Engineering CMMI and ITIL Paper 2

CIS 558 Week 6 Assignment 2, Software Engineering, CMMI, and ITIL Paper 3

CIS558 Week 6 Assessment 6 Quiz – Chapter 6, System Implementation and Operations

  1. Which data validation technique is …to detect transposition and transcription errors?
  2. Which of the following tasks is ….the most by the information security strategy?
  3. Which-of the following classification schemes is … be of a personal nature and is intended for company use only?
  4. Which of the following functions is ….by change control?
  5. Planning contingency reserves is part of the ____ response strategy.
  6. Which of the following is a popular ….for halon gas?
  7. Which-one of the following statements best describes an operation and not a project?
  8. Which of the following would represent the greatest concern to an auditor investigating roles and responsibilities of the IT personnel?
  9. Which-one of the following statements best describes the difference between standards and regulations?

CIS 558 Week 6 Discussion, Audit Project Control

Compare and contrast an IT Audit project with other projects which might be found in an IT department. Describe two (2) challenges that are unique to IT Audit projects. Suggest an approach to mitigate each challenge you selected.

Based on the challenges identified, describe the controls that the project manager would need to implement in order to overcome potential project control issues.cis 558 week 6