CIS 558 Week 3 Assignment, Assessment 5, Discussion


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CIS 558 Week 3 Assignment 1, ERM Roadmap Paper 1

CIS558 Week 3 Assignment 1, ERM Roadmap Paper 2


CIS 558 Week 3 Assessment 5 Quiz Chapter 2, Managing IT Governance

  1. Which of the following process groups contains the lowest number of processes?
  2. Which-of the following risk identification techniques is described in the statement below?
  3. Which of the following has the primary purpose to ensure efficient use of data-processing resources?
  4. Which-of the following management phases includes setting the time, cost, and scope of the project?
  5. Which of the following policies establishes responsibility and accountability for employee actions?
  6. Which-of the following phases of the traditional systems-development life cycle defines a problem or a need that requires resolution?
  7. Which of the following policies is generally NOT enforceable and is … a teaching policy?
  8. Which of the following is not a mandatory standard of respect for PMP to follow?
  9. Who is responsible for applying skills, knowledge, and project management tools and techniques to project activities to successfully complete project objectives?

CIS 558 Week 3 Discussion, Mitigating Wireless Risk

  • Suggest two (2) of the risks and two (2) of the benefits associated with the implementation of wireless networks.
  • For each of the risks, provide key suggestions for mitigating or eliminating those risks from an auditor’s perspective. Suggest key methods for measuring the effectiveness of your solutions.cis 558 week 3