CIS 534 Week 1 Discussion, Advantages/Disadvantages of IDS and IPS


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CIS 534 Week 1 Discussion Question, Advantages and Disadvantages of IDS and IPS

Network/Host-based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Network/Host-based Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), along with firewalls, represent some of the tools available to defend networks and keep them secure. As you progress through the various labs and readings in this course, keep these fundamental security concepts in mind.

Examine two advantages and two disadvantages of both the IDS and IPS.  Explain which option (IDS or IPS, Host-based or Network) you would select if an organization you worked for could only have one or the other.  Provide a rationale for your response. Examine two advantages and two disadvantages for both hardware and software firewalls. Explain whether you recommend the hardware or software firewall.  Provide the rationale for your response.

After reading a few of your classmate’s postings, reply to the ones from which you learned something new or to which you have something to add. Remember to get in early and post often.

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