CIS 534 Advanced Network Security Design, Assignment, DQ – Entire


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CIS 534 Week 1 Discussion, IDS and IPS

CIS534 Week 2 Discussion, Virtual Private Network

CIS534 Week 3 Discussion, Network Security Threats and Issues

CIS 534 Week 4 Case Study, The Ethical Hacker

CIS534 Week 4 Discussion, Network Infrastructure, Protecting the System

CIS534 Week 5 Assignment 1, Defense in Depth

CIS_534 Week 5 Discussion, Network Security Storage and Cloud Storage

CIS_534 Week 6 Discussion, Firewall Basics and security Strategies

CIS534 Week 7 Discussion, Firewall Management

CIS 534 Week 8 Assignment 2, Mister Network Engineer  Paper 1

CIS534 Week 8 Assignment 2, Mister Network Engineer Paper 2

CIS_534 Week 8 Discussion, VPN Management

CIS534 Week 9 Discussions, VPN technologies and protocols

CIS_534 Week 10 Discussion, Firewall Applications and VPN Appliances

CIS_534 Week 10 Term Paper 1, Designing a Secure Network 1

CIS534 Week 10 Term Paper 2, Designing a Secure Network 2

CIS534 Week 10 Term Paper Project, Designing a Secure Network 3cis 534 entire course


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