CIS 512 Week 2 Case Study 1, Brazilin Federal Data Processing Service


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CIS 512 Week 2 Case Study 1, The Brazilin Federal Data Processing Service

When it comes to cybersecurity, the first thing on some people’s minds are foreign intelligence agencies, like the NSA. National security Agency (NSA) is either helping to protect ourselves, or are they spying on us.  This was the issue with the Brazilian Federal Data Processing Service known as Serpro. When they discover that the NSA was intercepting their secure emails (Constant, 2013).  So, by the order of the Brazilian’s President Dilma Rousseff they needed a way to exchange information through the government network. This network protected from security breaches.  This was an ethical and legal issue with Serpro, as they were now ….with the task of developing and architecting a new emailing system to secure all governmental communications……………Continued (06 Pages with References)

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