CIS 505 Week 9 Assignment 5, Wireless Technology


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CIS 505 Week 9 Assignment 5, Wireless Technology 1

Many cellular companies today provide the 3G and 4G experience to their customers for the advance usage of their mobile device in today’s tech world.  Third and fourth generation technologies have taken the mobile experience to a whole other level. Allowing users to be able to perform several tasks on their devices. Such as sending or streaming multimedia videos, gaming, video conferencing, eCommerce, mobile banking, and so much more.  Both are acceptable networks that provides high-speed Internet services in mobile devices…………………Continued (5 Pages with References)

CIS 505 Week 9 Assignment 5, Wireless Technology 2

When trying to decide on what kind of wireless service to pick, clearly the most recent and most prominent innovation that causes a person to choose. Cost of item, client bolster, adaptability, the human factor, device lifecycle, merchant bearing, benefit scope, and target stages are on the whole factors that I consider. A portion of the geniuses of 3G technology are faster responses to developing markets and improvement patterns. Generally the providers of these 3G apparatuses are creating what is to come. They don’t regularly concur with each other yet they surely have the preferred standpoint over the 4G maker. These folks need to sit back and watch what innovation really develops past the advertising…………………Continued (6 Pages with References)