CIS 505 Week 8 Assignment 4, Services in Your Area


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CIS 505 Week 8 Assignment 4, Services in Your Area Paper 1

The cable company I use is Suddenlink for my Internet and cable needs. I live in Central Louisiana and one of their office’s is located about 10 miles away from my location. I have been with this company for about five years just for cable and two years for Internet combined. I-have tried other companies that offered Internet through my telephone provider that I changed, because house phones are being obsolete since mobile technology has increased. I’m ….with the service, because they offer bundle packages such as cable, phone, and Internet all on one bill. It is more convenient to have it on one bill instead of multiple bills coming separately. They offer services in most of the southern states. I know of another office in East Texas as well which is convenient, because I visit there often. I haven’t been outside of Louisiana or Texas to know where every Suddenlink is located. Because I do mostly online business and a brick and mortar doesn’t serve a purpose unless technicians…………………..Continued (07 Pages with References)

CIS 505 Week 8 Assignment 4, Services in Your Area Paper 2

Upon researching what services are available in my area, I observed that majority of the people in the area use Comcast or ATT for their Internet needs.  DSL and high-speed Internet are the main competitors in the area.  Both ISP offer maximum performance to fit their customers’ needs. Download speed measures the rate that digital data is being transferred from Internet to your computer and the upload speed measures the rate of online data that is being transferred from your computer to the Internet.  Currently, AT&T offers a maximum of 1000Mbps (1 Gig) download speeds, which is somewhat less than what Comcast offers.  I am an AT&T customer and the download speeds that I currently have is 17.98Mbps and my upload speeds reads 0.59, which really isn’t suitable…………..Continued (07 Pages with References)

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