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CIS 500 Discussion Question Week 1, Shadow IT for Business Operations

CIS 500 Discussion Question: Organizations do not always provide information systems that allow their staff to perform their responsibilities efficiently and effectively. Read the article, “Lifting the Veil Off Shadow IT.” Then, respond to the following:

    • Take a position favoring or opposing shadow IT.
    • If you are in favor, give one reason that shadow IT should be allowed. If you are not in favor, provide one way that the organization can reduce the risks of shadow IT.
    • What is the best way an IT department can meet users’ technology needs without additional cost or risk to the organization? Justify your answer by responding to another student’s post that differs from your answer. Explain why your idea is preferable.

CIS 500 Discussion Question Week 2, Data Management

Data governance involves the supervision, monitoring, and control of an organization’s data assets. Its main concerns are data quality, appropriateness, and cost-effectiveness of the controls. It is difficult because organizations typically have a lot of old data, which is of unknown quality.

    • Imagine that you must collect and assess the quality and appropriateness of data held by a large, multi-national organization. What steps you would take? Include how you would address network, security, and ethical considerations when deciding what data to collect from the company.
    • This is not a job you can do on your own! Explain the kinds of support you’ll need and how you will obtain resources and cooperation.

CIS 500 Week 3 Discussion Question, Cybersecurity and Risk Management

    • Identify one cyberattack that occurred in the last 2 years. What caused the cyberattack? Do not repeat an example that has been posted previously.
    • How did the cyberattack impact data loss, financial loss, cleanup cost, and the loss of reputation?
    • If you were the manager of this company, what are some key steps you would have taken to prevent cyberattacks and enhance cybersecurity?
    • Recommend information that should be in the cloud and describe which information should not be in the cloud. Be sure to include in your recommendation your thoughts on preventing cyberattacks, addressing security concerns, or strengthening network infrastructure

CIS 500 Week 4 Discussion Question, Cybersecurity

You may have noticed that when you look at products on a search engine, that same product appears as an advertisement in your social media and other sites you visit. Many search engines provide advertisers with tools for evaluating the impact of different keywords or phrases. These tools typically “track” user behavior patterns and associate products for sale by companies that subscribe to and pay for their services to help identify potential customers. On the other hand, there are also ad-blockers that block this type of communication.

    • What constraints, if any, should be applied to this practice? Do not repeat ideas that have been posted by other students.
    • If you are the CIO or an executive manager at a small company that depends on this type of advertising to generate revenue, how might this affect your feelings toward the technology?

CIS 500 Week 5 Discussion Question, Mobile Commerce Technologies

Customers use mobile devices for a wide range of shopping and commercial activities. Mobile devices are becoming an attractive way to pay for products or conduct banking. Select an organization with which you regularly do business but not one you have used in a previous discussion. Do not repeat an example that has been posted by another student.

o Describe the benefits this organization provides through its mobile computing options.

o What risks most concern you in using this app? How would you mitigate these risks?

CIS 500 Week 6 Discussion Question, Enterprise Systems

The executive management team of a medium-sized business wants to be more customer focused in the marketplace. Because you oversee the CRM, you have been assigned to support the newly-created social media marketing plan:

  • What are the best steps to identify customers and the different ways they use to contact your company? Defend your answer.
  • Explain to the executive management team how the steps you recommended will be incorporated in the organization’s ERP.

CIS 500 Week 7 Discussion Questions, Dashboards

Read the article, “HPE Business Value Dashboard.”  Then, find an organization that has adopted a real-time dashboard for its internal use within the last three years. Please respond to the following:

  • What are the most important parts of this dashboard?
  • How do these parts help the business managers? How do they help the individual contributors?
  • Have real-time dashboards replaced the traditional business report? Justify your answer.

CIS 500 Week 8 Discussion Question, Top Management Concerns

A small but fast-growing company has called you in as a consultant to help with their IT infrastructure. When they first started, they put their business data in the cloud and changed their business processes to fit their SaaS. Now, they want to know if they should customize their SaaS to fit their business processes, or keep changing their business processes to fit their SaaS.

  • Propose a set of 3-5 initial questions you would ask them to help you prepare your recommendation. Be sure to explain why you are asking each question.

CIS 500 Week 9 Discussion Question, Project Management and SDLC

The purpose of project management and the SDLC is to increase successful software implementation. The article titled “IT Project Failure Rates: Facts and Reasons” makes it clear that a lot of projects still fail.

  • Identify an IT system development failure that occurred within the last 2 years.
  • In your initial post this week, analyze which project management concepts ……by the project managers and where in the SDLC these lapses occurred.
  • Describe how you might have spoken up had you been on the steering committee.

CIS 500 Discussion Question Week 10 , Ethics and Responsible Conduct

Recently, a U.S. Circuit Court upheld the enforceability of Website Terms of Service (ToS), even though the user did not have to click-through to agree.

o Identify one positive and one negative implication of this finding.

o What terms do you believe are ethically appropriate for such agreements? Explain your position.

CIS 500 Discussion Question Week 11, Course Conclusion

You have just completed 10 weeks of a CIS course. Imagine you ……to create five 1-hour modules highlighting the most important topics you have learned in this course.

List the topics for each of your five 1-hour modules.

Give a detailed rationale as to why you chose each of the topics for your five 1-hour modules.

Explain what order you would place the modules in, and why.cis 500 discussion question