BUS 644 Operations Management Week 1 to 6 – Entire Course


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BUS 644 Week 1 Assignment, Midas Case Study

BUS644 Discussion 1, Ethical Issues and Operations

BUS644 Discussion 2, Business Processes

BUS 644 Week 2 Assignment, Memorial Hospital Case Study

BUS644 Discussion 1, Productivity

BUS_644 Discussion 2, Product Design and Quality

BUS644 Week 3 Assignment, Outsourcing

BUS_644 Discussion 1, Suppliers

BUS644 Discussion 2, Forecasting Methods

BUS_644 Week 4 Assignment, Beck Manufacturing and Plant Capacity

BUS644 Discussion 1, Process Selection Product Design and Capacity

BUS644 Discussion 2, Monique Food Processing Company and Capacity

BUS 644 Week 5 Assignment, Alliance Supermarket and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems

BUS644 Discussion 1, MRP Inventory and Customer Service

BUS644 Discussion 2, Perpetual versus Periodic Inventory Systems

BUS_644 Week 6 Final Paper, Space Age Furniture Problem

BUS644 Discussion 1, Just-in-Time (JIT) Inventories

BUS644 Discussion 2, Scheduling Proceduresbus 644 entire course