BUS 640 Week 6 Final Paper Managerial Decision Making, Discussion


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BUS 640 Week 6 Final Paper, Managerial Decision Making Paper 1

This paper will discuss the history of apple operations, risk or uncertainty in its operations and financial reports to indicate risky and uncertain activities, government regulations that affect Apple’s operations. The inputs used by the company’s production function and challenges to securing these inputs, the new products that apple has introduced into the markets, the increase or decrease of its product prices over………Continued

BUS 640 Week 6 Final Paper, Managerial Decision Making Research and Analysis Paper 2

Management plays a huge role in a company and their well being. There are decisions that comes with their job and the company’s well-being. Managerial accounting does many different roles in a business. It is the process that does the identifying,preparing, measuring and analyzing the financial information to the management to for planning and evaluating for the purpose of upkeep of a company. All of these roles within the managerial process has a significant measure. The purpose is to provide operational and financial data in hopes to direct managerial action, decision making process. This also helps in assisting with creating the cultural values necessary to accomplish……….Continued

BUS 640 Week 6 Discussion 1, Game Theory and Strategic Behavior

Suppose that GE is trying to prevent Maytag from entering the market for high efficiency clothes dryers. Even though high efficiency dryers are more costly to produce. They are also more profitable as they command sufficiently higher prices from consumers. The following payoffs table shows the annual profits for GE and Maytag for the advertising spending and entry decisions that they are facing………..Continued

BUS 640 Week 6 Discussion 2, Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Describe the circumstances under which a firm chooses a low-cost strategy to attain sustainable competitive advantage. What about the situations when a differentiation strategy is chosen? Provide specific real world examples.bus 640 week 6