BUS 630 Week 3 Written Assignment Case 5A, Discussion


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BUS 630 Week 3 Written Assignment Case 5A (Glaser Health Products)

Complete Case 5A (Glaser Health Products) in Chapter 5. Glaser Health Products of Ranier Falls, Georgia, is organized functionally into three divisions: Operations, Sales, and Administrative. Purchasing, receiving, materials and production control, manufacturing, factory personnel, inventory stores, and shipping activities are under the control of the vice-president for operations, George Gottlieb. Advertising, market research, and sales are the responsibility of the vice-president for sales, Jake Bogan. Accounting, budgeting, the firm’s computer center, and general office management are ……to the corporate controller (Administrative), Charlie Kaplan…………..Continued

BUS 630 Week 3 Discussion 1, Allocating Joint Costs

Describe the three methods used to allocate joint costs. What are the advantages/disadvantages of each allocation method? Which method would you recommend? Why? Support your position with evidence from the text or external sources.

BUS630 Week 3 Discussion 2, Variable/Absorption Costing

As you read in Chapter 8, there are arguments (for and against) variable costing and absorption costing. Select one of these costing methods and explore the various arguments. Determine whether you are “for” or “against” this selected method. Provide evidence from the text to support your position.bus 630 week 3