BUS 620 Week 3 Assignment, The Case of the New Apple


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BUS 620 Week 3

BUS 620 Week 3 Assignment, The Case of the New Apple Inc.

Apple is well aware of what is expected of them in the future. Customers are still waiting on the iPhone 5, which is past its release date. Customers want bigger screens, lighter weighing, flatter phones, better navigation, the ability to watch videos and store more data, and a longer lasting battery. Without Steve Jobs, can Schiller finish the design of the iPhone 5?………..Continued (05 Pages with References)

BUS 620 Week 3 Assignment 1, Apple Digital Marketplace Success

Apple sets them apart by their core beliefs to think differently, management style, design DNA from its’ competitors. These core values were the legacy of Steve Jobs have left behind at Apple when he passed away on October 5, 2011. Apple has broken all of the norms of how engineers view technology and innovation, Job challenges his doubters and pushed his creative thinking into a reality and forever shape social culture and revolutionized the digital marketplace. Apple branding has become a social culture where it has dominated a few marketplaces including computer manufacture, smartphone device, and software. Major industry competitors including Microsoft, Dell, Samsung, Intel, Asus, and HP have all competed with Apple with the marginal return of success…………Continued (05 Pages with References)  

BUS 620 Week 3 Assignment 3, What you don’t know about Apple

For many years Apple has been known as the innovators within the digital marketplace. As time has gone on along with the passing of its creator Steve Jobs many have questioned will Apple continue to succeed after the death of Jobs. The competition has increased in the markets where Apple has succeeded in leaving the question what the future of the company is? In the year 2017 Apple has it a first non-profitable year as a company. So what must Apple do to grow and stay on top of the marketplace?…….Continued (10 Pages with References)


BUS 620 Week 3 Discussion 1, Braining Nordstrom
  • How does this partnership fit into Nordstrom’s current brand management strategy? Will it appeal to its target markets? How will it allow Nordstrom to differentiate itself from the competition?
  • Is this a risky move for Nordstrom considering the downward sales trends for Topshop in the UK?
BUS 620 Week 3 Discussion 2, Marketing Segmentation

What are the different levels of market segmentation? Synthesize the segmentation strategies that manufacturers of personal computers should implement. To attract both the Gen Y and baby boomer generation to increase their purchases of computers. Are there some examples of companies that have already done a good job of marketing across generations? bus 620 week 3