BUS 599 Week 10 Assignment 5, Freshi INC Business Plan Final


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BUS 599 Week 10 Assignment 5, Business Plan Final

The production process through which it manufactures its products is energy efficient. The packaging media is glass and biodegradable plastic bottles with small caps. The products are …by the producers shipping their products significant distances to a large number of markets (Cravens & Piercy, 2006).  This distribution process is …..in-house; some smaller producers outsource Freshi Inc. delivery services to get their products to desired markets. The Consumers can access the products at retail stores, supermarkets, food services and drinking places. The demographics for sugar drink consumption in the industry ranks Young people and men consumers, as taking the most sugar………….Continuedbus 599 week 10 assignment (18 Pages with Financials in Excel Sheet)

bus 599 week 10 assignment