BUS 517 Week 3 Assignment 1, Project Proposal


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BUS 517 Week 3 Assignment 1, Project Proposal

Coffee business is the fastest developing food industry internationally. Only in the United States, the country drinks over 300 million cups of coffee daily. Around the globe, there is a craze of coffee, which makes it a promising and exciting venture of business. With the passage of time, there has been a rising demand for a coffee shop provision that serves the community’s needs, and simultaneously, can be located in a region with outstanding visibility for attracting more and more customers. It is decided that Five Seasons Cafe need to avail this opportunity that offers job opportunities, and services to the community, and a rewarding income for the Five Seasons Cafe…………Continued (08 Pages with References)bus 517 week 3 assignment

bus 517 week 3 assignment 1