BUS 505 Week 4 Assignment 2, Bid Strategy


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BUS 505 Week 4 Assignment 2, Bid Strategy

According to the RFP that the Mission and Installation Contracting Command Center (MICC) put out they are looking for a firm to support them on being able to provide the Sustainment Center of Excellence with instructor and training support services. This will be  through two separate proposals (W911S0-10-R-0003/ W911S0-10R-0004). These proposals are looking for a small business to fulfill this requirement. The Sustainment Center of Excellence came into existence through Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC). Due to BRAC various training schools that fell under the same branch had to combine their efforts under one umbrella and train that branch on one military installation as oppose to train…………….Continued (07 Pages with References)

bus 505 week 4 assignmentbus 505 week 4 assignment