BUS 501 Week 6 Discussion Question 1 and 2 with Answers


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BUS 501 Week 6 Discussion 1, Technical and Cost or Price Evaluations

From the e-Activity, determine why integrity and fairness are important in proposal evaluations. Create two scenarios that describe the possible consequences if fairness and integrity are not part of the proposal evaluation process. Determine one ethical consideration that should be …..at all times.

From the e-Activity, determine the criteria for evaluating proposals for government contracts and assess the methods for establishing a competitive range. Then, develop an ethical argument for the government contracting requirements.

BUS 501 Week 6 Discussion 2, Determining Price Reasonableness

Select a career field that you are interested in and create a brief scenario for a major acquisition in that field. Determine the probable sources of cost and price data used in vendor proposals for that scenario. Determine the importance of cost realism. Provide an example of the consequences to a government contract without price realism.bus 501 week 6 discussion