BUS 501 Week 2 Discussion Question 1 and 2 with Answers


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BUS 501 Week 2 Discussion 1, Components of SOW

  • Examine the components of a SOW for the purpose of open competition without restrictive provisions. Select a field that you are interested in and determine the information that would be included in a SOW for a contract in that field.
  • Analyze the different types of a SOW. Imagine that you are in the process of acquiring 100 Ford trucks for the U.S. Border Patrol. Determine which type of SOW is appropriate for this situation. Support your decision with an example.

BUS 501 Week 2 Discussion 2, Resources for Market Research

  • Evaluate the listed resources for market research, and then explain which source you ….to be the most accurate and why. Determine how this Website will help you while conducting market research.
  • Formulate a listing of the components of the Market Research report and justify the importance of each component. Determine the advantages and disadvantages of each source of market research data. Then, select one of the components and discuss how that data could be ….to advance a contracting goal.bus 501 week 2