BUS 499 Week 8 Assignment 4, Merger,Acquisition,International Strategies


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BUS 499 Week 8 Assignment 4, Merger, Acquisition, and International Strategies Paper (Marriott-Starwood )

There were thirty U.S. or foreign hotels and/or investment groups that were ….in the sales process of Starwood that started on April 29, 2015. Of the thirty, ten expressed interest in a combination with Starwood. While seven signed a confidentiality agreement, including Marriott (Skift, 2016). As the “Marriott-Starwood” sale came to an end, a U.S. based hotel, Company E, came the closest to outbidding and stealing Starwood along with Company D, a foreign hotel. Finally the Marriott-Starwood deal was on November 16th.

During the process- from April to October- Marriott …….but decided against it. Starwood even had a meeting with Marriott on April 23rd. But they (Marriott) didn’t engage in the process at that time (Skift, 2016). Marriott went over the possible acquisition with Starwood in late July and early August. But they told Starwood that they were no longer ….and withdrew from the sale stating their reasons were the stock price differences between the two- Marriott’s closing at $70.93 and Starwood $75.91 (Skift, 2016)………..Continued (11 Pages with References)

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