BUS 499 Week 4 Assignment 2, External & Internal Environments (Google)


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BUS 499 Week 4 Assignment 2, External and Internal Environments (Google)

Google, Inc. is a technology company that is used to provide products and services to organize information. There are many facets to this company. In the search website segment, they compete with Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, and the social networking site LinkedIn (Investopedia, 2014).In other revenue segments, they compete with Monster Worldwide, Expedia, Scripps Interactive, The Walt Disney Company and eBay- just to name a few- but their biggest competitor is Amazon.

Amazon did not start of as a competitor, but grew quickly to one because people don’t think of Amazon as a search until they are looking for items to purchase. Amazon was the biggest spender on Google search ads in the U.S. in 2013 after spending over $157.7 million…………….(10 Pages with References)

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