BUS 475 Assignment 2, Challenges in Global Business Environment


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BUS 475 Week 9 Assignment 2, Challenges in the Global Business Environment Paper

Apple has been one of the most profitable and leading Technology Company in the world. Since it was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976; it has grown to be a well-known Company. The company has become a pioneer in the technological industry. Their famous products are Apple computer, the MAC, to its IPhone, IPOD and various entertainment accessories. The company has made many shareholder very wealthy over the years since it went public in four years later On December 12, 1980. Beside the company’s advanced technological products and its growing profit, Apple has also been instrumental for the US economy by creating some many jobs in the past and still today. 

In fact, in a recent article entitled, At Apple, U.S. Jobs That Go Beyond Manufacturing, by New York times, on November, 26, 2016, “It turns out Apple has a campus in Austin where the number of jobs has grown rapidly, reaching about 6,000 jobs now, up from around 2,100 seven years ago.” However, Apple creates jobs overseas as well with their suppliers. …………Continued (11 Pages with References)bus 475 week 9 assignment 2

bus 475 assignment 2

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