BUS 375 Project Management, Assignment, Midterm, Final


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BUS 375 Assignment 1, MS Project Familiarization

BUS_375 Assignment 2, Project Proposal

BUS375 Assignment 3, Greendale Stadium Case

BUS_375 Assignment 4, Project Schedule

BUS375 Assignment 5, Performance Management

BUS_375 Midterm Exam Part 1 and 2

BUS375 Final Exam Part 1 and 2

BUS 375 Discussion Question

BUS375 Week 1 Discussion, Project Management in Life

BUS375 Week 2 Discussion, Developing Your Project Scope

BUS_375 Week 3 Discussion, Your Project Budget

BUS375 Week 4 Discussion, Communicating Your Project Plan

BUS375 Week 6 Discussion, Managing Risks

BUS_375 Week 8 Discussion, Being a Leader for Your Project

BUS_375 Week 9 Discussion, Educating Your Business Sponsor on EVMbus 375 project management

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