BUS 372 Module 8 Benchmark Assignment, Discussion Question



BUS 372 Module 8 Benchmark – Event Evaluation

Now that you have attended the event, it is time to evaluate the event planning process and the core business practices associated with executing the event.

For this assignment, you will submit a 750-1,000 word written evaluation of the event. You will compile your stakeholder interview information, event artifacts, and observations into a written report that summarizes the event, assesses event planning effectiveness, and offers feedback and suggestions for enhancing the event in the future. Address the following in your evaluation.

  1. Explain the role that core business practices played in the planning and execution of the event. Use stakeholder interview feedback and your own observations related to event promotion, organization, and execution to discuss how well the event coordinator met the event objectives. Cite specific event artifacts, data, and examples in your analysis.
  2. As you think about the execution of the event and the planning skills that were …… How effective was the event planner in executing the event? Identify specific strengths and provide suggestions for ways the event could be ….in the future. Identify the most important lessons you learned from observing the event planning process and execution.

BUS 372 Module 8 Discussion Question 1

What are your specific plans that could be implemented as post-event publicity for the event you planned? Include at least three examples and provide one another feedback about the effectiveness of this communication and additional suggestions for further post-event publicity.

BUS 372 Week 8 Discussion Question 2

Successful event planning typically results in generating revenue for an organization. Research jobs within the sports management industry and share two to three examples of how revenue generation is …..in various positions. bus 372 topic 8


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