BUS 322 Week 8 Quiz 7 (Questions and Answers)


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BUS 322 Week 8 Quiz 7

  1. The basic idea behind leader-member exchange theory is that bus 322 week 8 quiz 7.
  2. Emotional intelligence is made up of all of the following competencies except:
  3. Trait theories of leadership
  4. Which of the following is NOT one of the leader behavior styles described in the path-goal theory of leader effectiveness?
  5. Contingency theories of leadership, in determining appropriate leader behavior and style, focus strongly on:
  6. According to Fiedler, the effectiveness of leaders is dependent on:
  7. The path-goal theory of leader effectiveness by Robert House is based on:
  8. In the context of transformational leadership, ________ refers to how much concern the leader displays for each follower’s needs and acts as a coach or a mentor.
  9. According to John Kotter, leadership, in contrast to management, entails:
  10. The important underlying dimensions of leader behaviors according to the Ohio State studies are:
  11. Trait leader theories focus on all of the following except:
  12. In the context of the Vroom-Yetton-Jago normative decision model, the ________ form of decision making is where a manager permits a group to make decisions within prescribed limits, providing needed resources and encouragement
  13. The theories of leadership concerned with identifying specific leadership styles that are most effective in specific leadership situations are the:
  14. ________ are followers who do not think independently or critically and are passive in their behavior.
  15. ________ refers to the willingness to be vulnerable to the actions of another and is an essential element in leadership.
  16. Which of the following are NOT structural factors in causing conflict?
  17. Conflict that occurs between teams in an organization is ……
  18. A withdrawal mechanism that provides an escape from a conflict through daydreaming is ……
  19. The ________ strategy of conflict management is …..on the potential for win–win outcomes, honest communication, trust, openness to risk and vulnerability, and the notion that the whole may be greater than the sum of the parts bus 322 week 8 quiz 7.
  20. A conflict felt by middle managers where conflicting expectations are placed on the managers from their bosses and employees is termed as ________.
  21. ________ is a competitive, or win–lose, approach to negotiations, in which the goals of one party are in direct conflict with the goals of the other party.
  22. ________ is a withdrawal mechanism in which an individual’s emotional conflicts are ……in physical symptoms bus 322 week 8 quiz 7
  23. When two departments are in conflict but are also facing a common threat, the ________ style of conflict management is most appropriate.
  24. The power not only to control emotions but also to perceive them is termed:
  25. The key to managing conflict in a multicultural workforce is:
  26. The mechanisms used by individuals to make the best of a conflict situation are ……
  27. ________ challenge individuals to choose between two or more things in which they believe.
  28. ________ is a personality trait in which a person ignores the interpersonal aspects of work and the feelings of colleagues
  29. The behavioral tendency associated with an equal versus equal power relationship is:
  30. An ineffective technique for dealing with conflicts where an attempt is …..to label or discredit an opponent is …….