BUS 322 Week 6 Quiz 5 (Question and Answers)


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BUS 322 Week 6 Quiz 5

  1. In the context of nonverbal communication, ________ consists of variations in speech, such as pitch, loudness, tempo, tone, duration, laughing, and crying bus 322 week 6 quiz 5.
  2. Seating arrangements and dynamics can be examined in a(n) ________ study.
  3. Friends typically interact within one’s:
  4. In nonverbal communication, the study of body movements, including posture________.
  5. A communication medium that is moderate in both information richness and data capacity is:
  6. One-way communication in contrast to two-way communication:
  7. Passive-aggressive communication and behavior frequently end up as:
  8. Which of the following is NOT considered a result or outcome of defensive communication?
  9. The study of an individual’s perception and use of space, including territorial space……….
  10. Americans generally do not like to communicate with their business associates within their:
  11. Which of the following interpersonal communication skills has the Department of Labor identified as being necessary for successful functioning in the workplace?
  12. Polyphasic activity:
  13. People who are egotistical usually exhibit:
  14. In which of the following communication situations can nonverbal communication be ……?
  15. Many of the communication technologies significantly limit or eliminate ________ forms of communication.
  16. All of the following are considered important work process issues except:
  17. The contributor is a team member who:
  18. An important role in the performance of cross-functional teams is that of a(n) ________.
  19. All of the following would be …….positive norms of behavior within a group except:
  20. The two sets of social benefits available to team or group members includes:
  21. At which of the following stages of group development is a leader’s role primarily to recognize his or her group’s achievements?
  22. According to Hambrick and Fukutomi, ________ is the last season in a CEO’s tenure.
  23. Which of the following issues does a group address, according to the group development model proposed by Warren Bennis and Herbert Shepard?
  24. The set of authority and task relations among group members is ________.
  25. Social loafing is usually:
  26. At which of the following stages of group development does the leader need to adopt a coaching style in order to deal with team challenges?
  27. Cooperative rewards in work teams will have the most effective impact on:
  28. Groups emphasize all of the following except:
  29. Integrated involvement as a social benefit of group or team membership includes:
  30. For successful chief executive officers, the peak performance years mostly occur at about:bus 322 week 6 quiz 5