BUS 322 Week 4 Quiz 4 (Question and Answers)


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BUS 322 Week 4 Quiz 4

  1. The adverse psychological, physical, behavioral, and organizational consequence that may occur as a result of demanding events is ________
  2. The three forms of individual distress include:
  3. The stress-handling strategy that may lead to short-term stress reduction at the cost of long-term healthy life adjustment is:
  4. The fight-or-flight stress response is most closely associated with the ________.
  5. Strain is the same as ________.
  6. Three direct costs of organizational distress include:
  7. The ________ approach to stress suggests that stress occurs when an external, environmental demand upsets an individual’s natural steady state balance.
  8. Job redesign, goal setting, and career management are …..as stress prevention management techniques in the ________ stage.
  9. Which of the following persons is most closely ……with the homeostatic or medical approach to stress?
  10. The stage in preventive stress management designed to heal individual or organizational symptoms of distress and strain is ……
  11. In the context of social support system, the relationship between a person and the key elements in his or her work and nonwork social support system provides      .
  12. The unconscious preparation to fight or flee that a person experiences when …… with any demand is ________.
  13. Self-reliance is a healthy, secure, ________ pattern of behavior.
  14. Benefits of eustress include all of the following except:
  15. A personality type that tends to be resistant to distress is a(n) ________.

bus 322 week 4 quiz 4bus 322 week 4 quiz 4