BUS 310 Week 5 Assignment 2, New Hires


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BUS 310 Week 5 Assignment 2, New Hires

As A HR Manager with the responsibility of hiring for A customer service Representative I have chosen five places to start my recruitment process which include college campuses, referral events, email, job portals and paid internship. A customer service representative will usually talk with customers on behalf of a business. They give information about services or products being rendered to better help their customers understand what they are getting. They will also take orders as well as process returns if a customer is or is not ….with what they are given (What is a Customer Service Representative?, n.d.). Some of the personality requirements consist of attention to detail, dependability and tolerance of stress. Some clerical work is need………………Continued (04 Pages with References)

bus 310 week 5bus 310 assignment 2

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