BUS 310 Week 4 Quiz 3 Chapter 4 – Question and Answers


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BUS 310 Week 4 Chapter 4 Quiz 3 (Questions with Answers)

  1. Companies can establish a competitive advantage by
  2. ___ strategy involves the actions taken by firms to better operate in a relevant industry or market.
  3. When a company decides to own and operate several separate companies, which strategy is being employed?
  4. In the past, evaluations of the effectiveness of the human resource function concentrated mainly on
  5. What is a psychological contract?
  6. The organization’s ____ is the basic reason for existence bus 310 week 4 quiz
  7. Which adaptation model of business strategy is best ….when the situation is highly stable with low uncertainty?
  8. When organizations are downsizing the number of employees in the hierarchy, this usually involves a ____ strategy.
  9. An organization made up of various businesses similar in the products or services they provide is pursuing which type of strategy?
  10. Which of the following was NOT …..as an organizational component affecting the formulation and implementation of human resource strategy?
  11. Companies that view their human resource function as a strategic asset should NOT evaluate HR effectiveness by investigating
  12. Which adaptation model of business strategy is characterize by ignoring the environment?
  13. The process of handling union issues and challenges is bus 310 week 4 quiz
  14. The principles and beliefs that shape what employees think about a company is
  15. The set of factors that prompt people to perform work at high levels is

bus 310 week 4 quiz

bus 310 week 4 quiz

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