BUS 309 Week 8 Assignment 2, Workplace Ethics


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BUS 309 Week 8 Assignment 2, Workplace Ethics

Today’s society has no fear of the law or the penalties that will follow if they commit a violent crime. A person committing a violent crime knows he may get life on prison or maybe even a death penalty, but they also know they will die of old age instead of being executed. The idea of government telling companies what they can and cannot do is at the core of this vein of the 2nd Amendment argument.

But it is worth noting that looking at the 2nd Amendment through the same lens that many have viewed the 1st Amendment is significant. While there is freedom of speech, there is no right to yell fire in a crowded theater solely for the sake of free speech. Similarly, the right to carry a gun is embedded in the American culture, but there are scenarios in which that right must be reined in for the safety of others. Many companies are railing against attempts to decide gun access in the workplace………..